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vping visual ping script

From time to time we need to make a large amount of CNAME changes as part of a larger process, we have to wait until all changes have propagated before continuing the process so I wrote this simple script that takes a list of device names and visually displays them and the IP they're currently resolving to and continuously updates the list on the terminal so we can see when they're all done.

The script is executed on the Linux terminal, as part of the setup the text colour of the IP changes from amber to green once it updates, I added a counter in brackets as an additional marker, and also to catch cases where an IP changes more than once, this is not something that happens in my specific use case but it might in others so figured it might be useful.

  • file ping.txt should sit in the same folder as and contain a list of devices to ping (FQDNs, one per line)
  • script is run `./'
  • ctrl + c to cancel
  • there is also a while loop currently set to 100 iterations to prevent the script running indefinitely

Script can be downloaded from vping github page here