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nagios initial setup

I recall first installing Nagios many years ago and having a lot if issues, happily things have improved a lot including some excellent documentation. Below outlines the steps to get my initial installation up and running, I will add a follow up post later when I've got everything I want to monitor added, and have the final structure configured.

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security onion explore pcap

I recently took some blue team challenges at Blueteamlabs and a few of them involved analysing a .pcap file to pick some info out and determine what sort of an attack took place and answer a few questions. The first of these was relatively straight forward as the .pcap file was pretty concentrated around the attack so viewing in WireShark it wasn't too difficult to spot the attack and extract the relevant info.

While doing the challenge and scrolling (and scrolling...) through WireShark I wondered what the experience would be like using a more purpose built tool. I'd played around with Security Onion before so spun up a VM (more detailed post on that to follow sometime) to see how the next challenge would go.

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vping visual ping script

From time to time we need to make a large amount of CNAME changes as part of a larger process, we have to wait until all changes have propagated before continuing the process so I wrote this simple script that takes a list of device names and visually displays them and the IP they're currently resolving to and continuously updates the list on the terminal so we can see when they're all done.

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virtualbox vm control script

I'm currently using VirtualBox for any VM needs for testing various OSs, software or security. For the most part I don't need to leave the VMs running all the time so I thought it would be handy to have a cli menu for starting/ stopping/ rebooting any VMs. The vboxmanage command offers a ton of control so I'm just using a few key commands from that.

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vulnhub robot notes

I did the eJPT a while back and hadn't really looked at any practical security content since then, so though I'd spin up a VulnHub VM. I'm just going to outline the broad steps I took to completion as this is more a note taking entry. I will list at the end any major rabbit holes I went down.

This VM has three keys to find and is listed as beginner-intermediate. Mr Robot on VulnHub

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